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Origins of the Palestine Mandate

Adam Garfinkle · ·

This essay is based on a lecture he delivered to FPRI’s Butcher History Institute on “Teaching about Israel and Palestine,” October 25-26, 2014.  

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The Inseparable Twins: Diaspora Shishan and Chechen Muwaḥḥidun & Jihadis in al-Sham

John R. Haines · ·

Ethnic Chechens play a critical if underappreciated role in the conflict now raging in al-Sham.

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The State Of International Religious Freedom and Why It Matters

Robert George · ·

I truly am honored to be speaking here at FPRI, a stellar organization that is dedicated to providing sound research and analysis to aid in the conduct of the foreign policy of this nation.

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Reviving the Global Democratic Momentum

Larry Diamond · ·

I want to begin by thanking Amb. Adrian Basora and the Foreign Policy Research Institute for organizing this meeting. Thanks also to the Kennan Institute for cosponsoring and hosting us here today. This is an important and volatile time for democracy in the world.  Many people are questioning the viability of democracy, and the wisdom of trying to promote it.

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