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Russian Propaganda, Disinformation, and Estonia's Experience

Viljar Veebel ·

The international community faces serious challenges arising from a new mode of information warfare, which Russia has deployed during the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in 2014-2015. This ongoing “propaganda war” is the most recent and frightening example of information warfare. It reflects the wide array of non-military tools used to exert pressure and influence the behaviour of countries. When...

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Estonian Coat of Arms (source: Riigikantselei - "Riigivapi seadus", Elektrooniline Riigi Teataja)

Putin, Obama, and the Middle East

Adam Garfinkle ·

The latest news from what used to be Syria is that Russian pilots have undertaken combat missions on behalf of the Assad regime—but not so much against ISIS. Some Syrian rebels who have been receiving U.S. aid via the CIA since 2013 appear to be among the targets—so claimed Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, and he should know. Worse, despite U.S. efforts to deconflict the combat zone between U....

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Obama and Putin

The (Inevitable) Coming Conflict with Iran

John R. Haines ·

"A balance of power legitimized by power would be highly unstable and make unlimited war almost inevitable, for the equilibrium is achieved not by the fact but by the consciousness of balance...this consciousness is never brought about until it is tested." - Henry A. Kissinger (1954)

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Nuclear Symbol on Iranian Flag

It’s Old Versus New in Taiwan’s Presidential and Legislative Elections

Shelley Rigger ·

With just under four months to go, Taiwan’s election season is well underway. On January 16, voters will choose a new president and legislature. While aspects of this year’s elections are unprecedented, there are also echoes of a presidential election 15 years ago.

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Tsai Ying-wen (Image: Flickr/davidonformosa)