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The Best of FPRI's Essays on Democratic Transitions

Maia Otarashvili ·

To judge by the headlines of recent months, democracy might seem to be in prolonged retreat throughout the world. Rather than “democratic transitions,” perhaps we should instead speak of authoritarian regression or, some would argue, the futility of America’s attempts to promote the spread of democracy abroad. Certainly, the global picture is far less rosy today than when we launched the Project...

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Best of FPRI's Essays on Democratic Transitions

China’s “Win-Win” Development Bargain: China, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and the International Order

Felix K. Chang ·

Fifty-seven countries, led by China, will launch the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) on June 29 in Beijing. As its name suggests, the bank will provide financing for infrastructure development across Asia. Two months ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping trumpeted China’s role in the creation of the AIIB as well as other development initiatives at the Asian-African Conference in Indonesia...

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Police Forces to the Border! Hungary Comes Full Circle on Open Borders

John R. Haines ·

For other nations, their land has fixed boundaries. For Rome, its boundaries are the boundaries of the Roman world. So, too, it seems, for the nations of the European Community, and for the Community itself. And that is the basis of the immigration crisis now raging in Hungary. When the Berlin Wall fell on 9 November 1989—Der Mauerfall to Germans—it set the two Germanys on a course to...

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Why Ukraine Struggles to Reform

Chris Miller ·

Listening to the proclamations of Ukraine’s political leaders, one might think the country is in the midst of rapid institutional reform. The country’s president, Petro Poroshenko, declared on June 4 in his annual message to parliament that “reforms are the key word…The countdown of the period of reforms has started…Reforms are not yet at the finish, but not already at the start….We are building...

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