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The Case of Poland’s Stolen Radiological Material

John R. Haines · ·

“The important measure is not the targets destroyed but rather the effect on the enemy’s capabilities and actions.” -David A. Deptula, USAF  “I have destroyed him with the weapons I abhorred, and they are his.  We have crossed each other’s frontiers, we are the no-men of this no-man’s land.” -John le Carré   On 6 March 2015, 22 canisters, each weighing 45kg-70kg (100-154lbs.) containing...

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Geopolitics, Con and Pro

Mackubin Thomas Owens · ·

Orbis is the quarterly journal of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, which was founded six decades ago this year by Robert Strausz-Hupé. He was a teacher of geopolitics, and FPRI has reflected his viewpoint since its creation. It could seem strange, therefore, for us to publish the article by Chris Fettweis, which constitutes a frontal assault on the very utility of geopolitics. For instance...

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Presenting the Spring 2015 Issue of Orbis

· ·

We kick off the spring issue of Orbis with a very important article by Arthur Waldron, who contends that China’s adoption of a more forward policy militarily and a deeply revisionist approach diplomatically, especially since 2010, took the United States and its allies by surprise because American assumptions about China have been far too optimistic. Waldron surveys the new situation and concludes...

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There Is Still Time to Keep Afghanistan from Going the Way of Iraq – If Drawdown Plans are Significantly Modified

Thomas F. Lynch III · ·

On October 1, 2014, the Obama Administration announced that it had concluded a long-awaited Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) with the newly-formed government in Kabul, Afghanistan. The announcement of this ten-year security arrangement, which had languished for almost a year, alleviated fears that Afghanistan’s lingering political morass might require the full departure of American and western...

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