Foreign Policy Research Institute

“A nation must think before it acts.” —Robert Strausz-Hupé


Administrative Staff:

Alan Luxenberg Alan H. Luxenberg President x 105
FPRI Silhouette Colly Burgwin Director of Finance x 102
Eli Gilman Eli Gilman Director of Administration and Development x 103
Megan Hannan

Director of Membership
Special Assistant to the President x 122
FPRI Silhouette Rachel Asaro Events Coordinator x 100

* * * * *

Research Program Leadership:


Michael P. Noonan Director of Research  x 111

Asia Program

Jacques deLisle Director  

Center for the Study of America and the West

Walter A. McDougall Chair   x 104
Ron Granieri Ronald J. Granieri Executive Director  

Center for the Study of Terrorism

Lawrence Husick Co-Chair  
Edward Turzanski Co-Chair    

Program on the Middle East

Tally Helfont Director x 115

Program on National Security

John F. Lehman Chair    
Michael P. Noonan Director  x 111

Project on Democratic Transitions

Hon. Adrian Basora Director x 119
Maia Otarashvili Program Coordinator X 121

Program on Field Research

David Danelo Director x 112

Think Tanks and Foreign Policy

James McGann Director    

* * * * *

Editorial Staff:

Orbis: A Journal of World Affairs

Mac Owens Mackubin Thomas Owens Editor  
Ann Hart Ann Hart Managing Editor x 109

* * * * *

Education Program Leadership:

Wachman Center for Civic and International Literacy

Alan Luxenberg Alan H. Luxenberg Director x 105

Butcher History Institute

Walter A. McDougall Co-Chair   x 104
David Eisenhower Co-Chair    

Program on Teaching Innovation

Lawrence Husick Co-Director  
Paul Dickler Co-Director