Welcome to the New FPRI Website

Welcome to the new Foreign Policy Research Institute Website! FPRI would like to thank Dr. John M. Templeton, Jr. for his generous support of this effort, as well as the tireless effort of all those involved in making this new site a reality.  With a brand new look and vastly improved functionality, this site will enhance your ability to interact with FPRI like never before.

Some of the new features include:

  • the creation of a new FPRI Blog, Geopoliticus, featuring comments by select FPRI Scholars, and edited by Michael Noonan, Director of the Program on National Security;
  • a content rotator featuring new items on the FPRI homepage, covering multiple events and publications simultaneously;
  • a much improved navigation system to create a smoother user experience;
  • an FPRI Calendar application to allow for better communication about FPRI events and easier registration;
  • improved integration with social media; and
  • the ability to save and store user information to automate the processes of registering for events, membership purchase/renewal, and otherwise interacting with the FPRI community.

Though this new site is now operational, any bookmarks you may have to specific items on the old site will still work.  In addition, due to the complexity of the site, we will be bringing it online in phases.  As a result, you will be forwarded to the old site for some pages for a short-time.  If this occurs, do not be alarmed, as we have nearly 20 years of FPRI material, with both new and archived content being added regularly. We appreciate your patience while this transition occurs. 

Also, as with any new site, we expect there to be a fair number of bugs that need repair. We greatly value your opinions and feedback, so please do not hesitate to contact us to share your ideas for improvement. 

Once again, welcome to the new fpri.org, and thanks for your continued support!