Backchannel: The Newsletter of FPRI

April 18, 2017

Announcing The 2016 FPRI Annual Report

In these pages, we offer you a glimpse of FPRI in action in 2016. We published over 250 articles on a variety of FPRI platforms, making our work accessible to hundreds of thousands of people, spread over virtually the entire world, nearly every day. That doesn’t count the 60-plus media outlets where our scholars have written, been interviewed, or cited. We also hosted over 75 events – offering regular programming in seven venues.


April 14, 2017

New Faces at FPRI


The Foreign Policy Research Institute welcomes three new individuals to its growing network of scholars, policymakers, and community leaders. Bernstein Wealth Management Financial Advisor Maureen F. Austin has been elected to the FPRI Board of Trustees; joining the Board of Advisors is Professor Kiron K. Skinner of Carnegie Mellon University; and Benjamin Katzeff Silbertstein joins […]


April 14, 2017

FPRI Announces Publication of New Book

Does Democracy Matter

Does democracy matter? Is democracy on the defensive globally? If so, what can – or should – the United States do to support democracy throughout the world? Furthermore, should fostering democracy be a major goal of U.S. foreign policy? If not, what are the alternatives? If yes, how might we achieve this goal effectively? These […]


March 31, 2017

Announcing the Spring 2017 Issue of Orbis: FPRI’s Journal of World Affairs

Welcome to the spring 2017 issue of Orbis. In our first article in this edition, David T. Burbach reflects on why, in contrast to the experience of Vietnam, the American public’s confidence in the U.S. military did not decline during the recent unpopular wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This issue then offers a cluster of four articles examining various aspects of the Islamic State.


In The News: Mackubin Thomas Owens
March 24, 2017

The Majestic Rhine: An FPRI Travel Experience

The Rhine

FPRI, in coordination with Academic Arrangements Abroad, would like to invite you to take part in once-in-a-lifetime cultural cruise along the storied Rhine River. Sail from the Dutch lowlands to the Swiss Alps, while celebrating the remarkably diverse history, art, culture, and cuisine of the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Switzerland.