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May 30, 2017

FPRI’s June Teufel Dreyer Cited by The Daily Beast on U.S. and North Korea

We may think Kim Jong Un should be worried by the presence of three carrier strike groups near his shores, but he may not be all that concerned. “Lots of firepower can deter only if the intended target feels genuinely threatened by it,” June Teufel Dreyer, a University of Miami political science professor and a […]


In The News: June Teufel Dreyer
May 30, 2017

FPRI’s Clint Watts, Nada Bakos, and Naveed Jamali were all cited by The Daily Beast on Jared Kushner’s Russia Connections

Like most Americans, President Donald Trump was likely looking forward to a quiet Memorial Day weekend after a lengthy nine-day trip abroad. But when the president returns to the nation’s capital on Saturday, he’ll be greeted by a White House buckling under a landslide of late-breaking stories on Trump’s least-favorite topic: the ongoing investigation into […]


May 26, 2017

Clint Watts Interviewed by Snopes on the Seth Rich Conspiracy Theories

Russia has a vested interest in distracting attention away from the investigation into whether members of President Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with the Kremlin, and the Seth Rich story provided an opportunity to do so. Clint Watts, a former Federal Bureau of Investigation counterterrorism agent and fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute told us: […]


In The News: Clint Watts
May 24, 2017

Templeton Fellow Ed Turzanski Quoted by CBS on Trump’s Saudi Arabia Address

“Trump is threading a needle very carefully, very tactfully. Look, criticize him for his Twitter use, for any number of things, but this first leg of this trip was a very strong success. It created leverage for us in our dealings with the Saudis because of the arms deal and, also, he spoke to them […]


In The News: Edward A. Turzanski
May 18, 2017

FPRI Senior Fellow Mitchell Orenstein Interviewed by Snopes

Snopes Mitchell Orenstein, senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute and professor of Russian and Eastern European Studies at University of Pennsylvania, told us it was no accident that the Russian government officials came to visit and reporters started getting treated harshly: I think the issue is that they excluded the American press and […]


In The News: Mitchell Orenstein