Gilbert Rozman

Gilbert Rozman
Senior Fellow - Asia Program

Gilbert Rozman, Senior Fellow with FPRI’s Asia Program, is Musgrave Professor of Sociology, Emeritus at Princeton University. He explores national identities in China, Japan, Russia, and South Korea, to understand how they shape bilateral trust and evolving relations in the region. His books include a series of four: Japanese Strategic Thought toward Asia, Russian Strategic Thought toward Asia, South Korean Strategic Thought toward Asia, and Strategic Thinking about the Korean Nuclear Crisis: Four Parties Caught between North Korea and the United States (co-ed. except the last a monograph, Palgrave, 2006–2008). He wrote Northeast Asia’s Stunted Regionalism: Bilateral Distrust in the Shadow of Globalization (Cambridge University Press, 2004). He is a member of the editorial boards of China Quarterly, Asian Survey, and the Journal of East Asian Studies.

Gilbert Rozman
Professor of Sociology
Princeton University
2-N-1 Green Hall

Princeton, NJ 08544 USA