John R. Haines

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John R. Haines
Member, FPRI Board of Trustees
Co-Director - Eurasia Program

John R. Haines is Chief Executive Officer of Andiscern Corporation. An active investor and entrepreneur, his current efforts focus on nuclear counterterrorism. He is the founding chief executive officer of two enterprises developing proprietary technologies for fissile material detection and interdiction. In a different field altogether, he earlier co-founded a human stem cell therapeutics company that developed what Nature ranked as the second most dominant stem cell patent estate worldwide. Beginning his career as a mathematical economist, Haines also spent time professionally in maritime operations and government. An honors graduate of Villanova University, he holds advanced degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and its Graduate School of Medicine; from Stanford University; and from King’s College London. He is a life member of both the United States Naval War College Foundation and the United States Naval Institute, and a member of the executive committee of the Friends of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. Haines is a Senior Fellow of FPRI and the author of numerous essays and FPRI E-Books, and direct FPRI’s Princeton Committee.