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Counterinsurgency From the Bottom Up: Colonel H.R. McMaster and the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment in Tel Afar, Spring-Fall 2005

March 17, 2017 · Mackubin Thomas Owens

By the time Col. H.R. McMaster led elements of his 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment (3rd ACR) into northern Iraq’s Nineveh (Ninewa) Province in May of 2005, he had already established a reputation within the Army as a highly-respected and ...

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Donald Trump is No Friend of Taiwan

March 16, 2017 · Shelley Rigger

When President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan called then-President-elect Donald Trump, it should have been the beginning of a beautiful friendship. The presidents elected in Taiwan and in the U.S. in 2016 both were committed to building friendly relations ...

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Making NATO Less “Obsolete”

March 15, 2017 · Frank G. Hoffman

The German Chancellor, Mrs. Angela Merkel, is coming to Washington this week to visit the White House and gain a better understanding of U.S. foreign policy under the new administration. President Donald Trump had startled our alliance partners in ...

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Keep Your Eye on the Balkans

March 9, 2017 · Col. Robert E. Hamilton

Renewed war in Bosnia-Herzegovina is not something that Western policymakers may wish to consider, but it is a distinct possibility unless the international community acts to assist the country in addressing its problems. These problems are similar to those ...

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President Trump’s Defense Budget: Just a Down Payment

March 7, 2017 · Frank G. Hoffman

President Donald Trump has once again confounded his critics. His proposed Defense increase of $54 billion fulfills another of his campaign pledges. He promised to restore America’s military forces to higher levels of readiness and to begin a sizable ...

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Taiwan’s White Terror: Remembering the 228 Incident

February 27, 2017 · Thomas J. Shattuck

Though a vibrant and thriving democracy today, the Republic of China (Taiwan) was once a nation plagued with corruption, mass violence, and totalitarian rule. In Taiwan, the period immediately following the 228 Incident is known as the “White Terror” ...

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Trump’s Asia Policy Takes Shape

February 23, 2017 · Thomas J. Shattuck

After challenging the “One China” policy—the bedrock of Sino-American relations—during his transition period, President Donald Trump accepted the long-standing position in a phone call with President Xi Jinping of China last week. In December 2016, Trump became the first ...

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Iraq: Post-conflict Stabilization Redux

February 17, 2017 · C. Alexander Ohlers

As the U.S.-backed forces in Iraq move to reclaim west Mosul, the Islamic State’s (IS) final territorial stronghold in Iraq, U.S. policymakers are certain that the group will be eradicated, but are uncertain as to what will follow. ...

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Trump and Trudeau: A Successful “First Date”

February 15, 2017 · David T. Jones

One of the classic descriptions of the U.S.-Canada bilateral relationship is that “We are best friends—like it or not.” And all too often “not” has been in ascendancy. The practical parameters of that simple characterization are relatively complex. ...

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Uber’s Taiwan Trauma

February 13, 2017 · Shelley Rigger

If you were planning to take an Uber in Taiwan, you’re too late: the ride-hailing app has ceased operations on the island. According to a company statement released on February 2, Uber decided to “press pause” on February 10 ...

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