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Are Tyrants Only Local Thugs?

If we see that tyrants lack hope, making them myopic in their historical outlook, we might also argue that their actions are circumscribed to their dominions. Tyrants, in other words, may be only local thugs and thus have less impact on international stability than they might otherwise.

The Age of Communism Lives

It was twenty-five years ago, but it feels like yesterday. When seeing the images of the fall of the Berlin Wall, I cried with joy, took out my best bottle of French wine, left the television on, and listened to Beethoven’s Ninth over and over and over. If you didn’t live through it, know that there was nothing like it. What we need to be reminded of, however, are the stakes and what didn’thappen in the wake of the fall.

Dusting Off Old Roses in Tbilisi

Georgian politics is nothing if not interesting. On March 21, protesters crowded Tbilisi’s Freedom Square demanding the ruling Georgian Dream (GD) coalition government’s resignation. Organized by the opposition United National Movement (UNM), which held power between 2004 and 2012, turnout ranged from estimates of 15,000 to 50,000.

If You Really Want to Bomb Iran, Take the Deal

Iran hawks are already out in force denouncing the announced nuclear deal between the United States and Iran. They worry that it takes the military option off the table. But the reality is just the opposite – anyone who supports the United States bombing Iran are well advised to jump on this deal.

Anti-Americanism, Authoritarian Politics, and Attitudes about Women's Representation: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Jordan

Sarah Sunn Bush and Amaney A. Jamal, "Anti-Americanism, Authoritarian Politics, and Attitudes about Women's Representation: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Jordan," International Studies Quarterly (July 7, 2014). http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/isqu.12139/full

Does Western Pressure for Gender Equality Help?

Sarah Bush, Amaney Jamal, "Does Western Pressure for Gender Equality Help?" The Washington Post (July 30, 2014). http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/monkey-cage/wp/2014/07/30/does-weste...

End Game: Al-Shabab as a Model for the Islamic State’s Decline

Whether by burning a Jordanian fighter pilot alive, massacring Shiites or beheading American hostages, the self-declared Islamic State (IS) has an unprecedented knack for making enemies. IS has also inadvertently achieved what the United States never accomplished during more than a decade in Iraq: the mobilization of a willing coalition of Arab countries to fight jihadi extremists.

Why Do Americans Hate Negotiating With Their Enemies?

Furious Republican opposition to a deal over Iran’s nuclear program may look like another example of political partisanship and personal animosity toward Barack Obama. But there’s also a much deeper reason for congressional pushback: the deeply ingrained aversion in American culture toward parleying with 'evil' opponents.

Divided Europe Mired in Crises

NEW HAVEN: Europeans have control over their own fate, yet at no point since the end of the Cold War has their collective fate seemed so precarious. The threats are diverse as the continent’s political institutions and way of life are being tested by Islamic State–linked terror attacks, Russia’s hybrid war on Ukraine and the continuing agony of economic depression in southern Europe.

Islamic State in Yemen: Why IS is Seeking to Expand

The bombing of two mosques in Sanaa, which killed close to 140 people and injured 350, represents another stage in Yemen's spiralling violence.

But the significance of the bombing, which was claimed by Islamic State (IS) militants, goes beyond the horrendous human loss. If IS indeed stands behind the attack, it would not only further complicate the situation in Yemen, but also have implications for the broader struggle against IS.