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“A nation must think before it acts.” —Robert Strausz-Hupé

Outside Publications

Home-Grown Terrorism - Russia's Ticking Bomb. Published in: ISN Zurich. July 8, 2014. 

By: Maia Otarashvili and Aleksandr Fisher 

Sarah Bush, “Are We Repeating Democracy Promotion Mistakes in Tunisia?” The Middle East Channel of Foreign Policy (2012). Link:


Sarah Bush, “Confront or Conform? Rethinking U.S. Democracy Assistance,” Policy Brief, Project on Middle East Democracy (2013). Link:

Sarah Bush, “International Politics and the Spread of Quotas for Women in Legislatures,” International Organization (2011). Link:

Full Interview with Melinda Haring

The Kenyon Observer, April 11, 2012

Ukraine: Foreign Students Beware

By Melinda Haring, Transitions Online, July 29, 2008

Moldova: The Example of Gagauz-Yeri As An ‘Unfrozen Conflict’ Region

By Melinda Haring and Emmet Tuohy, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, April 5, 2007

Who Cares How Many Women Are in Parliament?

By Melinda Haring and Joshua Foust, Foreign Policy, June 25, 2012