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 Outside Publications

The Atlantic

Why Donald Trump Needs David Petraeus

Dominic Tierney

The Atlantic “Just met with General Petraeus—was very impressed!” tweeted President-elect Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Petraeus described his conversation to reporters. “ basically walked us around the world, showed a ...

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Outside Publications

On Strategy and Strategic Planning: Repairing America’s Strategic “Black Hole”

Mackubin Thomas Owens

Heritage Foundation’s 2017 Index of Military Strength Strategy has long been the subject of scholarly study and policy analysis. Historians and social scientists alike have written widely about strategic ...

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Navy Times

The Navy’s new spy plane will make Russia very, very nervous

Naveed Jamali

Navy Times NAVAL AIR STATION WHIDBEY ISLAND, Wash. — At first glance, the U.S. Navy’s new aircraft looks like nothing more than an airliner. That’s until you look under ...

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The National Interest

Hillary Clinton’s Three Fundamental Mistakes

The Hon. Dov S. Zakheim

The National Interest Hillary Clinton made three fundamental mistakes. She assumed she could tack to the Left and still win moderates. She assumed that the minority vote would carry ...

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The Wire

If Trump Voters Took Any of His Promises Seriously, They’re in for a World of Surprises

Sumit Ganguly

The Wire In 1963, noted American historian Richard Hofstadter published a book called Anti-Intellectualism in American Life. The book had been written after Adlai Stevenson, a prominent Democratic politician, twice ...

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The National Interest

Why Morocco Is Investing in Africa

Ahmed Charai

The National Interest In a historic speech in the Senegalese capital Dakar Sunday, Moroccan King Mohammed VI laid out his country’s commitment to the continent of Africa, and strategy ...

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Russian Life

The Murder of the Romanovs

Kevin McNamara

Russian Life In tumultuous times, great stories are often lost to the larger sweep of history. The events unleashed by the Russian Revolution are the most tumultuous of the ...

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Yale Global Online

Russia Sets Out to Bring the Middle East Under New Order

Chris Miller

Yale Global Online NEW HAVEN: The image of the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov steaming through the English Channel, leading a fleet from the Baltic Sea toward the Syrian ...

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bne Intellinews

COLCHIS: Misha’s next adventure

Michael Cecire

bne Intellinews As widely expected in the past couple of months, Mikheil Saakashvili, former Georgian president turned Ukrainian district governor of Odessa, has resigned from his post. In a ...

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War on the Rocks

Trolling for Trump: How Russia is Trying to Destroy Our Democracy

Clint Watts

War on the Rocks In spring 2014, a funny story crossed our social media feeds. A petition on whitehouse.gov called for “sending Alaska back to Russia,” and it quickly ...

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