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 Outside Publications

The Atlantic

Can James Mattis Protect Trump From Hubris?

Dominic Tierney

The Atlantic In ancient Rome, the ultimate honor was to receive a triumph, or a lavish parade through Rome to celebrate a great military victory. The hero would ride ...

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The Majalla Magazine

Five Major Challenges Putin’s Russia Will Have to Face in 2017

Maia Otarashvili

The Majalla Throughout 2016 Russia made frequent headlines on most global news sites. This infamy was a result of Russia’s aggressive foreign policies. In addition to its belligerent actions ...

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Rajya Sabha TV

Discourse on ending India-Pakistan rivalry

Sumit Ganguly

Senior Fellow Sumit Ganguly hosted “Discourse on ending India-Pakistan rivalry” on January 4, 2017. ...

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bne IntelliNews

COLCHIS: Nato’s return on investment

Michael Cecire

When Donald Trump assumes the office of the US presidency later this month, his powers as an administrator and convener will never be so tested as the leader of ...

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The Weekly Standard

Farewell, Obama

Mackubin Thomas Owens

The Weekly Standard The late 1980s and early ’90s were characterized by liberal optimism, if not triumphalism. The Berlin Wall had fallen and the Soviet Union had dissolved, marking ...

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Library of Law and Liberty

Art of the Doge?

Walter A. McDougall

Library of Law and Liberty A few years ago, my beloved wife finally persuaded me to accompany her on a trip to Italy. It proved to be so sublime ...

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Al Majalla

President Trump

Ronald J. Granieri

Al Majalla American presidential election campaigns, for all their pageantry and constantly increasing length, are generally predictable affairs. Although the print and electronic media will trace every slight variation ...

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Moshe Dayan Center

The end of an alliance?

Bruce Maddy-Weitzman

The Moshe Dayan Center The simmering Egyptian-Saudi tension burst into full view in mid-October when Egypt voted in favor of Russia’s draft resolution in the Security Council that emphasized ...

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The Wall Street Journal

Why Putin’s Economy Survives

Chris Miller

The Wall Street Journal “Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart,” Russian President Vladimir Putin famously said in 2010. But he quickly added, “Whoever wants it ...

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The Washington Post

The CIA is delaying our books’ publication, and that hurts our democracy

Nada Bakos

The Washington Post We are former senior CIA analysts who, in our combined 23 years of service, have been privy to secrets that would amaze you. You will never hear ...

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