Program on National Security

While the 9/11 attacks ushered in a decade of war for the United States, many other threats, challenges, and opportunities remain on the horizon besides al Qaeda and its affiliated movements. The FPRI’s Program on National Security focuses on these trends by examining contemporary and emergent concerns for American and international security through a wide aperture. In particular the program focuses on:

  • American grand strategy

  • The current and future global geopolitical environment that affect the U.S. and its interests

  • The ends (strategies), ways (organization and methods of force employment), and means (force structures and capabilities) that impact the use of military force

  • Counterterrorism and homeland security

  • Development, diplomacy, and informational issues that contribute to the holistic implementation of strategy.

Program Activities

Building on several conferences convened by FPRI’s Defense Task Force starting in 1996, which culminated in the publication of a book in 2002 entitled America the Vulnerable: Our Military Problems and How to Fix Them, FPRI’s Program on National Security is designed to address the issues raised above through a focus on research, publication, and education.