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Structure, Strategy, and American Power: Insights from America’s Last Geopolitical Resurgence

Hal Brands ·

1979 was a bad year for U.S. foreign policy. At home, the country was being battered by stagflation and the second oil shock, developments that raised fundamental questions about the economic underpinnings of American power. Abroad, the United States was suffering a seemingly unending series of setbacks and humiliations. From the revolutions in Iran and Nicaragua, to the Soviet invasion of...

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Reagan, Bush, and Gorbachev

Why Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou’s Day-Trip to Taiping Island was Such a Big Deal

Jacques deLisle ·

When Taiwan’s soon-to-step-down President Ma Ying-jeou made a pre-Lunar New Year’s visit to Itu Aba / Taiping Island in late January 2016, the international-lawyer-turned-president was reaffirming a long-standing claim that the Republic of China held sovereignty over the largest landform (as well as many smaller ones) in the hotly disputed South China Sea region. Remarks Ma made on the island...

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Taiping Island and Zhongzhou Reef


Adam Garfinkle ·

Even after more than seven years we still cannot be sure how the President and his closest advisers think about the global environment and how the United States fits into it, or if their thinking has changed through experience over the past seven years. Some writers refer to an Obama Doctrine, but there is no such thing. Even short of declaring non-existent doctrines, many observers think they...

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The Quiet Frenchman: Why François Hollande is Staying Silent on Brexit

Andrew Glencross ·

European heads of state and government meet in Brussels 18-19 February 2016 to discuss the terms of a proposed renegotiation of Britain’s relationship with the EU. The UK’s future hangs on these talks. Success or failure in getting a deal will sway the evenly divided and poorly-informed British public in the forthcoming referendum on whether to stay in the EU. But one voice is strangely absent in...

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Francois Hollande