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Paradoxes of the Gray Zone

Hal Brands ·

Gray, it seems, is the new black. The concept of “gray zone” conflict has generated significant attention and controversy recently, within both the U.S. government and the broader strategic studies community. Some analysts have identified gray zone conflict as a new phenomenon that will increasingly characterize, and challenge, the international system in the years to come. Others have argued...

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Little Green Men

Taiwan’s 2016 Elections and Cross-Strait Relations

Jacques deLisle ·

When Taiwanese voters went to the polls on January 16, 2016, they did something that has become admirably routine in Taiwan’s robust democracy: mandating a change of the party in power and setting the stage for another peaceful transition of power between opposing political parties—the third since Taiwan began holding fully democratic presidential elections in 1996. This election was, however,...

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Tsai Ing-wen's Campaign Headquarters in Taipei (Source: Flickr - MiNe)

2015 Annual Report


We are pleased to share our 2015 Annual Report.

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FPRI's 2015 Annual Report

The Best of FPRI’s Essays on Asia, 2005-2015

Jacques deLisle ·

In the sixty years since the founding of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, no region of the world has undergone greater transformation or posed more varied and complex challenges for the foreign policy of the United States than has Asia. In 1955, China was six years past its Civil War and Communist Revolution, still seemingly a durable ally for the U.S.’s Cold War rival, the Soviet Union....

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