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Washington Contemplates the Chinese Military

June Teufel Dreyer ·

After enduring much criticism for its tepid reaction to China’s assertive behavior, there are signs that Washington is considering a stronger stance. For several decades, U.S. official publications had repeated what was, in essence, a mantra: the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is progressively improving its weapons and training, although it is decades behind the United States military. Implicit...

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BEIJING - NOV 8 Soldiers stand guard in Tiananmen area during China's  Editorial Use Only Credit Hung Chung Chih

American Grand Strategy: Lessons from the Cold War

Hal Brands ·

U.S. grand strategy stands at a crossroads. Since World War II, America has pursued an ambitious and deeply engaged grand strategy meant to shape the global order—a grand strategy that, in many ways, has been profoundly productive for both the United States and the wider world. Yet in the wake of the Iraq War and a painful financial crisis, that grand strategy has come under fire, with many...

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Antique Globe

Islam and Islamism: A Primer for Teachers and Students

Samuel Helfont ·

Defining – and distinguishing between – the terms Islam and Islamism has broad consequences for America, both domestically and internationally. However, teaching about the relationship between these two concepts involves negotiating numerous sensitivities and it can cause considerable consternation for educators. At the most basic level, Islam is a major world religion practiced by well over a...

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FPRI’s Fall 2015 Calendar at a Glance


Come join FPRI! See our full calendar of events in the Fall!

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