Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts Managing the Second Nuclear Age

VENUE:Union League of Philadelphia

Managing the Second Nuclear Age

About the Event

Paul Bracken, Professor of Management and Political Science at Yale University, will discuss his just-completed book manuscript that defines and clarifies the major issues of what he calls “the second nuclear age” – an age of multiple nuclear powers. “Nuclear weapons,” he says, “are returning as a source of conflict and influence in international affairs,” and we must re-think fundamental issues of strategy and deterrence.

Few people are as qualified to frame this discussion as Paul Bracken. His 1983 book The Command and Control of Nuclear Forces (Yale University Press) is a classic work on the risks of accidental nuclear war. He is a member of the Chief of Naval Operations Executive Panel; the Joint Forces Command Transformation Advisory Group; and the Strategic Advisory Group to Review the U.S. National Warning System for the Director of National Intelligence. He designed the core course for all entering MBAs at Yale’s School of Management on “Problem Framing” and is a founding member of Yale’s Grand Strategy Program. Prof. Bracken is a member of FPRI’s Board of Advisors. In 2008, he delivered FPRI’s First Annual Rocco Martino Lecture on Innovation and World Affairs, addressing the issue of “Technological Innovation and National Security.”


Union League of Philadelphia

140 South Broad Street
Philadelphia. PA. US. 19102


This event occured in the past.

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Paul Bracken

Paul Bracken - Paul Bracken is an FPRI Senior Fellow and a member of its Board of Advisors as well a Professor of Management and Political Science at Yale University.