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Political Culture Change and Media: New Approaches to Democracy Promotion

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About the Event

Chair: Ron Granieri, Executive Director, FPRI’s Center for the Study of America and the West

 4:30 p.m. Seminar; 6:00 p.m. Dinner
Participation is limited to university faculty and to FPRI Members at the $1000 level. 

After significant attention to developing the American 'soft power tool kit' in the aftermath of major combat operations in Iraq, this agenda has largely stalled since 2009. Dr. Nino Japaridze will propose a new agenda for US soft power that highlights longer term and more indirect ways in which the US can advance its interests. She will specifically focus on new ways to revitalize the use of media and international broadcasting to promote democracy more effectively through the cultivation of democratic political culture. While conventional wisdom holds that political culture is resistant to change, Dr. Japaridze’s research reveals new opportunities to accelerate the development of democratic political cultures, especially through support to local media, engagement with media actors and environments, and more effective international broadcasting.

Dr. Nino Japaridze is a Senior Fellow in FPRI’s Project on Democratic Transitions and teaches at George Washington University.  She has also taught at the School of International Service at American University and the Global Affairs department at George Mason University. She brings over 15 years of experience across Eurasia in democracy promotion, strategic communications, political attitudinal and behavioral research and analysis, innovative research design, and program management and evaluation. Dr. Japaridze holds a Doctorate in Politics from Oxford University.

About FPRI’s Inter-University Study Groups

Greater Philadelphia is home to 80-plus institutions of higher learning, and FPRI is the place where the great minds of these institutions meet through our Inter-University Study Groups.  Each month a guest speaker presents a paper for in-depth discussion in seminar format and in the dinner following.  The paper is subsequently published in Orbis, FPRI’s quarterly journal, or, in condensed form, as an FPRI E-Note.

About FPRI's Project on Democratic Transitions 

Launched in 2005, the Project on Democratic Transitions is directed by Ambassador Adrian Basora.

Its primary focus is on the political transitions of Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia after 1989. The Project's goal has been to better understand both the successes and the failures of democratization attempts in the post-communist countries, and to draw policy-relevant conclusions from this experience.





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Ronald J. Granieri

Ronald J. Granieri - Dr. Ronald J. Granieri is a 2024 Templeton Fellow and the Director of the Center for the Study of America and the West at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. He also hosts People, Politics, and Prose, a monthly event series at FPRI. ; Moderator

Nino Japaridze

Nino Japaridze - Dr. Nino Japaridze is a Senior Fellow in FPRI’s Eurasia Program and teaches at George Washington University.