Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts What You Need to Know Today to Lead the World of Tomorrow

VENUE:The Armory at the First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry

What You Need to Know Today to Lead the World of Tomorrow

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Two experienced professionals in the diplomatic, intelligence and national security communities will discuss the tools you will need to take your place in the world of the 21st century.  They will explore how the foreign service and intelligence communities identify, recruit, and develop individuals to steer the nation’s future course.

Adrian BasoraAmb. Adrian A. Basora is a Senior Fellow at FPRI and the Director of its Project on Democratic Transitions. A career Foreign Service officer, Amb. Basora served as National Security Council Director for European Affairs, and as the US Ambassador in Prague during the “Velvet Divorce.” He is a past President and trustee of the Eisenhower Fellowships, a global network that has trained and developed several hundred leaders including future Presidents, Prime Ministers, CEOs, and NGO and media directors from over 50 key countries around the world. Basora sits on various boards in both the public and private sector, and continues to mentor a number of young professionals at all stages of life.

Carol Rollie FlynnCarol Rollie Flynn is the founder and managing principal of Singa Consulting.  A 30-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Ms. Flynn has held senior executive positions including Director of CIA’s Leadership Academy, Director of the Office of Foreign Intelligence Relationships, Executive Director of the CIA Counterterrorism Center, and Chief of Station in major posts in Southeast Asia and Latin America.  She has extensive experience in overseas intelligence operations, security, and counterintelligence. A certified life coach, Flynn also has expertise in designing and delivering advanced education and training to adult learners.


The Armory at the First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry

22 South 23rd Street
Philadelphia. PA. US. 19103


This event is free and geared to professionals and students under the age of 50.

Reservations are required. RSVP:

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Adrian A. Basora

Adrian A. Basora - Ambassador Adrian A. Basora is a Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute and director of its Eurasia Program. Previously Amb. Basora was the Director of FPRI’s Project on Democratic Transitions.

Carol Rollie Flynn

Carol Rollie Flynn - Carol Rollie Flynn is the President of the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

Ronald J. Granieri

Ronald J. Granieri - Dr. Ronald J. Granieri is the Executive Director of FPRI’s Center for the Study of America and the West, and host of People, Politics, and Prose, a monthly series of events. ; Moderator