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Afghanistan: The New Realities

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After 13 years of war, the US combat mission has formally drawn to a close. What has been accomplished?  What challenges lie ahead?  And what role must the US play to resist the growth of jihadism not only in Afghanistan but in Pakistan as well?  To discuss these questions, we are pleased to feature Amin Tarzi, who has published extensively on the Middle East and South Asia.  He has served Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s Regional Analysis team focusing on Afghanistan and Pakistan, as a senior research associate for the Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies, and as an analyst for the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research in Abu Dhabi. He has appeared on CNN, BBC, NPR, and ABC. His works include Taliban and the Crisis in Afghanistan (Harvard, 2008) and The Iranian Puzzle Piece: Understanding Iran in the Global Context (MCU Press, 2009).


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Amin Tarzi

Amin Tarzi - Amin Tarzi is the Director of Middle East Studies at the Marine Corps University (MCU) in Quantico, Virginia.