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How We Misunderstand Islam

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Samuel HelfontSam Helfont, an FPRI Robert A. Fox Fellow, has written a series of essays that explore the differences betweenIslam and Islamism, between Sunni and Shi’a Islam, and between the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood and the theology of Wahhabism. Together these essays go far to correct widespread misperceptions about Islam.  In this session, Ron Granieri will explore with Sam Helfont what Americans think they know about Islam and what they should know. 

In May 2015, Helfont completed a PhD in Princeton University’s Near Eastern Studies Department, where he wrote his dissertation on Saddam Hussein’s use of religion to entrench his authoritarian regime, based on captured Ba'th Party and Iraqi state records. Helfont is the author of Yusuf Al-Qaradawi: Islam and Modernity  (The Moshe Dayan Center/Tel Aviv University Press, 2009) and the FPRI monograph, The Sunni Divide: Understanding Politics and Terrorism in the Arab Middle East. He has written widely in publications such as Foreign AffairsThe Middle East JournalOrbisThe New Republic, and The American Interest.

Suggested Readings in Advance of the Program

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Politics, Terrorism and the Sunni Divide

Important Program Note: The February session of Geopolitics with Granieri will take place at FPRI in the usual format.  We will not move the program to BNY Mellon until March, contrary to our printed calendar that you should have just received by snail mail. 



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Samuel Helfont

Samuel Helfont - Samuel Helfont is a Senior Fellow in the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Middle East Program, and an Assistant Professor of Strategy and Policy at the Naval War College's program at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA.