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Kori Schake

VENUE:National Liberty Museum

The National Security Challenges Facing the Next President

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The world is more complicated than ever, and the challenges facing the United States more numerous than ever: a revanchist Russia, a resurgent China, a reckless North Korea, a ruthless ISIS, and more. What lies ahead for the next president of the United States? How should the next Administration set priorities? How large a role can or should America play? To answer these questions, we are pleased to feature Kori Schake.

Kori SchakeSchake is a Research Fellow of the Hoover Institution, a member of the FPRI Board of Advisors, and a regular contributor to Foreign Policy. She has served as Deputy Director for Policy Planning in the State Department and Director for Defense Strategy and Requirements on the National Security Council.





National Liberty Museum

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Kori Schake

Kori Schake - Kori Schake serves on FPRI's Board of Advisors, and is Deputy Director-General at The International Institute for Strategic Studies.