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Earning the Rockies

VENUE:National Liberty Museum

How America’s Geography Shapes Our Role in the World

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Earning the Rockies

In his latest book Earning the Rockies: How Geography Shapes America's Role in the World, best-selling author Robert Kaplan offers a unique combination of travelogue, history, and geopolitical analysis that has become his trademark. In an entirely unconventional way, Kaplan makes a significant and timely contribution to the debate over American foreign policy - a must-read for the next president and the rest of us. 

Robert KaplanKaplan, a prolific and influential writer for The Atlantic Monthly, joined the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) as a Senior Fellow in March 2008, after serving as the Class of 1960 Distinguished Visiting Professor in National Security at the United States Naval Academy.





National Liberty Museum

321 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia. PA. US. 19106


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Robert D. Kaplan

Robert D. Kaplan - Robert D. Kaplan is the Robert Strausz-Hupé Chair in Geopolitics at the Foreign Policy Research Institute