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VENUE:Merion Cricket Club

The Crucial Connection between China’s Economy and Its Foreign Policy

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Felix ChangIn the past, concerns raised by China's bad debt bubbles have triggered no alarms, in large part, because of its massive foreign exchange reserves and rapidly growing economy. Now, China's debts are higher than ever, while its reserves have fallen by $1 trillion and its economy slows. How could these major economic changes impact China's foreign policy choices? Are their implications already being felt today? And if so, what do they mean for China's international behavior -- will they turn the country inward or encourage it to become even more assertive?

Joining us to place these issues in the larger geopolitical perspective to assess China's future direction is Felix Chang. Chang is a Senior Fellow of FPRI and the Chief Strategy Officer of DecisionQ.





Merion Cricket Club

325 Montgomery Avenue
Haverford. PA. US. 19041


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Felix K. Chang

Felix K. Chang - Felix K. Chang is a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute and the Chief Operating Officer of DecisionQ, an artificial intelligence engineering company.