Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts A Panel Discussion on Life after the Caliphate

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A Panel Discussion on Life after the Caliphate

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Although most of ISIS’s territory has been wrested from its control, the threat posed by this terrorist organization and by competing jihadi actors has not diminished. How will ISIS and others utilize online platforms to continue to sow global terror? What can the authorities do in cyberspace to crack down on online recruiting? And what is the future role of military force against remnants of this deadly group in the Middle East and North Africa?



Nada Bakos

Nada Bakos, a Templeton Fellow in the Program on National Security at FPRI, is a highly-regarded national security expert with 20 years of in-depth knowledge base in global intelligence. As a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) analyst, she was a key member of the team charged with analyzing the relationship between Iraq, al-Qaeda and the 9/11 attacks. Subsequently, during the war in Iraq, Ms. Bakos was the Chief Targeting officer tracking one of the world’s most wanted terrorists, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Al-Zarqawi is no longer of this world.



Mia Bloom is Professor of Communication and Middle East Studies at Georgia State University. She conducts ethnographic field research in Europe, the Middle East and South Asia and speaks eight languages. She has authored several books and articles on terrorism and political extremism including Dying to Kill: The Allure of Suicide Terror (2005), Living Together After Ethnic Killing [with Roy Licklider] (2007) and Bombshell: The Many Faces Of Women Terrorists (2011). 



Tally Helfont is the Director of FPRI’s Program on the Middle East. Her research focuses on regional balance of power, the Levant and the GCC, and U.S. policy therein. She is also a Contributing Analyst for Wikistrat’s Middle East Desk, a crowd-sourcing consultancy. Ms. Helfont has instructed training courses in Civil Information Management to U.S. Military Civil Affairs Units and Human Terrain Teams assigned to Iraq and Afghanistan. A frequent commentator in the media, her writings have appeared in English, Hebrew, and Arabic in publications such as Orbis (US), The American Interest (US), INSS Insight (IL), al-Mesbar (UAE), and al Majalla (UK/KSA), as well as in FPRI’s E-Notes and Geopoliticus blog.



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Nada Bakos

Nada Bakos - Nada Bakos, a former analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency, is a Senior Fellow in the Program on National Security at the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

Mia Bloom

Mia Bloom - Mia Bloom is Professor of Communication and Middle East Studies at Georgia State University.

Tally Helfont

Tally Helfont - Tally Helfont was the Director of FPRI's Program on the Middle East (2011-2018). ; Moderator