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Thinking about America’s Role in the World

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Kori SchakeThe emerging international order offers both threats and opportunities for the United States in the world. Today a key debate is between proponents of a muscular engagement in international affairs and those who wish for a more restrained foreign and defense policy, and of course many positions lie between those poles. To comment on this vital debate, we are pleased to feature Kori Schake, director of the Defense and Foreign Policy Program of the American Enterprise Institute.  She served in key positions in the State Department, the Pentagon, and the National Security Council, and most recently was deputy director of London’s International Institute for Strategic Studies.  Her most recent book is Safe Passage: The Transition from British to American Hegemony (Harvard University Press, 2017).  


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Kori Schake

Kori Schake - Kori Schake serves on FPRI's Board of Advisors, and is Deputy Director-General at The International Institute for Strategic Studies.