Middle East Brief

A bi-weekly round-up of policy relevant news about the Middle East, with a brief interview about why it matters for US foreign policy.


Haftar’s March on Tripoli

What is happening in Libya? Who are the key actors, which countries back which militias, and how has the Trump ...

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The Future of Northeastern Syria

What is the future of northeastern Syria? After two days of talks in Erbil, Michael Stephens, a Research Fellow for ...

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Local Elections in Turkey: What Happened and What Comes Next

Turkish voters went to the polls on 31 March, casting votes for local elected leaders. The outcome in Istanbul and ...

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Turkey and the S-400: High Stakes Diplomacy

The United States and Turkey remain at odds over Ankara’s purchase of a Russian S-400 air and missile defense system. ...

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Iraq After the Territorial Defeat of the Islamic State

With all eyes on Baghuz and the final battle against Islamic State in Syria, the Middle East Brief podcast spoke ...

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