Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts Message from the President · Jan 2013

Message from the President · Jan 2013

  • January 1, 2013

Message from the President · Jan 2013

  • January 1, 2013

Friends of FPRI,  

I am printing below the ambitious programming we have thus far laid out for 2013, including regular events in Philadelphia, Princeton, NYC, Washington, DC, and Wheaton, IL (not to mention that we are planning but have not yet nailed down a series in the Suburbs of Philadelphia). These will be supplemented by occasional webinars, impromptu events, study groups, and booktalks.

All these events—offered by FPRI’s Marvin Wachman Center for Civic and International Literacy—are designed to elevate the public discourse and to expand our outreach. Working with effective organizational partners helps us to keep costs down while expanding the program. No matter how you measure it, it will be an extraordinary year.

If this strikes you as an endeavor of some merit, we welcome your support!

Here is what we have in train (but note, that if you plan to join us, RSVPs are required):   

The Stanley and Arlene Ginsburg Lecture Series for Winter-Spring 2013

(The Ginsburg Lectures are cosponsored and hosted by the National Liberty Museum, 321 Chestnut Street, Phila.  Registration at 5:30, Program at 5:45.  Free for Members of FPRI and NLM, $20 for others.  FPRI Bronze Partners are invited to dinner immediately following.)

Tuesday, February 19: Lessons for US Foreign Policy from Early America
Charles Edel, US Naval War College 
Sponsored by FPRI’s Center for the Study of America and the West

Tuesday, March 19: The Next Decade of American Foreign Policy
Dominic Tierney, Swarthmore College and FPRI
Sponsored by FPRI’s National Security Program

Tuesday, April 16: Conflict in the Caucasus: The Story of Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia—And Why It Matters to Us  
Thomas de Waal, Carnegie Endowment 
Sponsored by FPRI’s Project on Democratic Transitions

Tuesday, May 21: The Rise of China’s Military: Should We Be Worried?
Toshi Yoshihara, US Naval War College
Sponsored by FPRI’s Asia Program

Wednesday, June 12: The US vs. Al Qaeda 2.0
Seth G. Jones, The RAND Corporation 
Sponsored by FPRI’s Center for the Study of Terrorism and FPRI’s Middle East Program

Firing Line 2.0—This is our new interactive program beginning January 8 and to follow the second Tuesday of every month thereafter. Notably, live attendance is exclusively for members at the $75 level, web attendance for members at the $35 level, and luncheon (immediately following) for members at the $500 level. In each session, Moderator Ron Granieri will interrogate one or two of our scholars on subjects in the news and then call upon the audience to join in the discussion.   (11:30 – 12:30 at FPRI)

Tuesday, January 8 (featuring James Kurth on the crisis of conservatism) 
Tuesday, February 12
Tuesday, March 12
Tuesday, April 9
Tuesday, May 14
Tuesday, June 11

And exclusively for FPRI Partners, we will hold our annual Sunday Brunch at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia on Sunday, April 14, featuring one of our most popular lecturers, Jeremy Black (Professor of History, University of Exeter, UK, and Senior Fellow, FPRI), speaking on “Goodbye to Europe?”

Other special events in our offices in Philadelphia are:

February 4: Human Trafficking, featuring a panel including FPRI’s Vanessa Neumann, Krista Hoffman, PCAR, and Cheryl Bassett, Human Smuggling and Trafficking Center, US Dept. of Homeland Security

March TBA: The Iraq War Reconsidered on the 10th Anniversary, featuring a panel of FPRI scholars and friends,  including three FPRI veterans of the war – Michael Noonan (US Army Reserve), Samuel Helfont (US Naval Reserve), and David Danelo (USMC).

Plus, look for booktalks on the history of guerrilla warfare by Max Boot (March 8) and on drones and international law  with Amos Guiora (April TBA).


Through the newly established Princeton Committee of FPRI, headed by FPRI Trustee John Haines, we will sponsor a new monthly series of programs, open exclusively to members (and spouses) at the $250 level (6:00 to 8:00 p.m.; Present Day Club in Princeton, NJ). $15 per person per program (includes reception).

Thursday, January 10: A Layman’s Guide to Cyber War
Lawrence Husick, FPRI

Thursday, February 21: Crusades, Quagmires and the American Way of War
Dominic Tierney, Swarthmore College and FPRI

Thursday, March 21: Coping with the Rise of China
Aaron Friedberg, Princeton University

Thursday, April 11: Crime-Terror Pipelines: The Case of Iran and Latin America
Vanessa Neumann, FPRI


In addition to our monthly (by-invitation-only) Manhattan Salon, we are pleased to announce a three-part series of Saturday morning programs to be cosponsored and hosted by the New York Historical Society, one of the premier venues for public lectures in New York City. The theme will be Great Wars: From Past to Future.”  Each program will run from 9:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., including continental breakfast and two lectures.  Ticket information will be posted by the New York Historical Society.

Saturday, March 9
A Layman’s Guide to Cyber War
Lawrence Husick, FPRI

Imagining Conflict with China
Yoshi Toshihara, US Naval War College

Saturday, April 6
Europe on the Eve of the Great War
Michael Neiberg, US Army War College

Churchill and the Nazi Menace
John H. Maurer, US Naval War College and FPRI

Saturday, May 4

The Use of Strategic Communication in the American Revolution 
Marc Genest, US Naval War College

The Grand Strategy of General George Washington
Edward Lengel, University of Virginia


Six symposia are planned in Washington DC, to be hosted and cosponsored by the Reserve Officers Association.


Details to be announced.


Three history weekends are planned for high school teachers from around the country.

      • Each year the First Division Museum at Cantigny (Wheaton, IL)  hosts and cosponsors our military history weekend for teachers. In 2012, the theme was “Great Battles and How They Shaped American History”; in 2013, we will focus on “Great Captains in American History,” on April 20-21. 
      • On September 28-29, we will convene “The Creation of Liberal Democracy: Did It Happen in Philadelphia by Accident?”
      • In October, we will hold a history weekend on “The Invention of the Modern Middle East, post-World War I, and The Reinvention of the Middle East, post-Arab Spring.”

To date, faculty from 650 schools in 46 states have participated.

By harnessing the intellectual resources we have available to us in a more effective way, by finding suitable partners with whom to work, and by spreading out geographically, FPRI will enjoy an ever greater impact on the public discourse.

To make a contribution online, click here.


With very best wishes,

Alan H. Luxenberg
Foreign Policy Research Institute