FPRI’s Most Viewed Articles of 2016



We present below the most viewed articles of 2016. All but one of the articles was written in 2016, with the exception of a 2009 essay written by Alex Roland on War and Technology. Senior Fellow Michael A. Reynolds wrote our two most read articles for the year—one of them was only just published on December 23! This list only takes into account “unique page views,” not “total page views.”

1. What the Assassination of the Russian Ambassador May Be Telling Us about Erdoğan’s Turkey
Michael A. Reynolds
December 23, 2016

2. Damaging Democracy: The U.S., Fethullah Gülen, and Turkey’s Upheaval
Michael A. Reynolds
September 26, 2016

3. On the execution of Saudi Shi’ite cleric Nimr al-Nimr
Joseph Braude
January 2, 2016

4. Why the US doesn’t have a Muslim problem, and Europe does
Naveed Jamali
April 3, 2016

5. Republican Party Foreign Policy: 2016 and Beyond
Colin Dueck
July 22, 2016

6. War and Technology
Alex Roland
February 27, 2009

7. Paradoxes of the Gray Zone
Hal Brands
February 5, 2016

8. How, Why, and When Russia Will Deploy Little Green Men – and Why the US Cannot
John R. Haines
March 9, 2016

9. China and Russia: The Partnership Deepens
June Teufel Dreyer
January 7, 2016

10. Shame Power: The Philippine Case against China at the Permanent Court of Arbitration
Felix K. Chang
July 12, 2016