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Current Issue: Winter 2024 

In this Issue

Editor’s Corner – Nikolas K. Gvosdev 

Understanding Your Competitors

Russian Strategic Narratives, 2022-2033 – Olena Snigyr

PLA Cultural Psychology: Historical Factors Shaping the Worldview, Attitudes, and Behavior of the Chinese Armed Forces  – Lonnie D. Henley 

Iran’s Four Tactics to Deter Threats at Sea – Frzand Sherko

Enduring Challenges

Navies in the Second Nuclear Age – Paul Bracken 

AI’s Impact on War’s Enduring NatureFrank Hoffman and Axel D’Amelio

Restraining China: Limits and Potential US Alliances – Antonio José Pagán Sánchez 

Fragilities of the Emerging Order 

The Financial Shape of Things to ComeSurya Kanegaonkar

US Energy Mixes for the Future: Walking Multiple Tightropes – Doug Ollivant 

Joining IMEC will advance Global Britain’s Influence of the World StageMohammed Soliman 

Scholars in Conversation on Middle East Crisis – James Ryan, Joshua Krasna, and Lior Sternfeld 

In Review

Roosevelt and Lodge: A Complicated RelationshipDov S. Zakheim

Two Former Diplomats Express Disillusionment with US Experience in the Middle EastLeon Hadar