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  • fpri60In honor of FPRI’s 60th anniversary, each of its research program’s produced an edited volume meant to provide the reader with a taste of the quality analysis we produced on a diverse array of topics over the previous decade. They can be accessed here

The Best of FPRI’s Essays on the Middle East, 2005-2015

he Middle East - a region as complex and fraught with challenges as ever - continues to hold U.S. policymakers in its thrall. Though they may want to pivot elsewhere, the Middle East keeps pulling them back because the...

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The Evolution of the Executive and Executive Power in the American Republic

THE MODERN REPUBLIC AND THE BIRTH OF EXECUTIVE POWER As Americans, we take for granted the idea of a government ...

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The Inseparable Twins: Diaspora Shishan and Chechen Muwaḥḥidun & Jihadis in al-Sham

Ethnic Chechens play a critical if underappreciated role in the conflict now raging in al-Sham. They include the descendants of ...

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The Gulf Cooperation Council’s Unified Military Command

INTRODUCTION The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which brings together the countries of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the ...

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The Perfect Storm Ahead? An Exploration of the Risk of Nuclear Terrorism

“Today, the elements of a perfect storm are in place around the world:  an ample supply of weapons-usable nuclear materials, ...

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William Penn, Benjamin Franklin, and the American Founding: The Philadelphia Factor

. . . Given all these contingencies it would appear that the birth of a United States of America was ...

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American Military History: A Resource for Teachers and Students

PREFACE Teaching America’s military history is an important civic duty because “We the People” are responsible for the common defense ...

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21st Century Cultures of War: Advantage Them

In the inaugural launch of the FPRI’s new e-publication, The Philadelphia Papers, the anthropologist Anna Simons of the Defense Analysis department at ...

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The West And The Muslim Brotherhood After The Arab Spring

Few observers foresaw the Arab Spring, but it should not have surprised anyone that the Islamist movements – the most ...

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Reforming the Afghan National Police

Achieving a minimum level of stability in any post-conflict society is an absolute prerequisite for effective and durable reconciliation and ...

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