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The China Center’s Geoeconomics Initiative studies China’s activity in the economic domain. From the Belt and Road Initiative to the digital yuan, China’s economic policies are not only having profound effects on the global economy, but also creating complex political and security effects. This initiative examines China’s economic behavior and analyzes the strategic effects.  

Recent Analysis

The Middle Corridor through Central Asia: Trade and Influence Ambitions

The “Middle Corridor”—a loosely defined trade route that spans the Central Asian steppe, the Caspian Sea, and the Caucasus mountains—has both engendered excitement and disappointment for almost two decades. Also known as the China-Central Asia-West Asia Corridor, it links...

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Putin Is Doing Xi’s Dirty Work (and the West Is Helping Him)

Ultimately, Russia and the West can and should be partners, not Russia and China. The infrastructure is in place: numerous oil and gas pipelines, extensive rail connections, and convenient ports. Russia and the West face common challenges from China,...

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The Regional Dimension to U.S. National Security

The United States defines its national security interests in global terms. With every iteration of the National Security Strategy and the National Defense Strategy, every region of the world is acknowledged as having importance to American interests. Yet the...

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The War’s Impact on Russia’s Economy and Ukrainian Politics

Editor’s Note: This article by FPRI scholar Mitchell Orenstein is a product of a workshop on “The Global Order after Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine,” hosted by the University of Pennsylvania’s Perry World House on April 14, 2022.   Moscow...

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China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Kenya

Through trade, investment, and strategic diplomacy, China is re-shaping sub-Saharan Africa. Beijing has growing economic ties with Africa’s largest economies and Chinese firms dominate infrastructure construction projects. In 2020, nearly one-third of infrastructure projects in Africa worth at least...

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Banks, Not Tanks: Using Money as a Geopolitical Tool

In my last article, I noted that the tendency to define U.S. power as the ability to deploy military force was running up against clear limits, because “without the ability to instantaneously transport equipment and personnel from one area...

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