Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts Archived Article Summaries

Archived Article Summaries

The following article summaries are a part of the PDT archives reflecting the work of PDT associates between the years of 2005 and 2011. These summaries have been further revised and edited by Alexandra Wiktorek Sarlo and Shelli Gimelstein.  To access the full compilation of these articles, please click here.

Table of Contents

Brinks, David and Michael Coppedge, Diffusion is No Illusion: Neighbor Emulation in the Third Wave of Democracy (2006) ­— pg. 3

Bunce, Valerie and Sharon Wolchik, Bringing Down Dictators: American Democracy Promotion and Electoral Revolutions in Postcommunist Eurasia (2006) — pg. 7

Bunce, Valerie and Sharon Wolchik, Favorable Conditions and Playing Favorites: The Wave of Electoral Revolutions in Postcommunist Europe and Eurasia. (2006) — pg. 12

Bunce, Valerie and Sharon Wolchik, International Diffusion and Postcommunist Electoral Revolutions (2006) — pg. 17

Bunce, Valerie, Subversive Institutions: the Design and the Destruction of Socialism and the State (1999) — pg. 23

Bunce, Valerie, The Place of Place in Transitions to Democracy (2000) — pg. 29

Bunce, Valerie,The Political Economy of Postsocialism (1999) — pg. 32

Carothers, Thomas, The Backlash Against Democracy Promotion (2006) — pg. 38

Kempe, Iris, New Eastern Policy (2006) — pg. 42

Kopstein, Jeffrey, Post Communist Democracy: Legacies and Outcomes (2003) — pg. 46

McFaul, Michael, Transitions from Postcommunism. (2005) — pg. 51

Nodia, Ghia, “Democratic Promotion” from The Club of Madrid’s Towards a Democratic Response: The Club of Madrid Series on Democracy and Terrorism (2005) — pg. 56

Silitsky, Vitali, Is the Age of Post-Soviet Electoral Revolutions Over?(2005) — pg. 60

Vachudova, Milada Anna, Democratization in Postcommunist Europe: Illiberal Regimes and the Leverage of the European Union (2006) — pg. 63

Way, Lucan A., Authoritarian State Building and the Sources of Regime Competitiveness in the Fourth Wave: The Cases of Belarus, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine. (2005) — pg. 69

Way, Lucan A. and Steven Levitsky, Pigs, Wolves and the Evolution of Post-Soviet Competitive Authoritarianism (2006) — pg. 72