FPRI's Partners

FPRI would like to recognize the ongoing support of its many partners, without whom we could not operate.

Joseph and Marie Field Foundation
Robert and Penny Fox
Robert and Diane Freedman
Stanley and Arlene Ginsburg


Edward T. Bishop
Ahmed Charai

Michael and Phebe Novakovic
Edward Satell



James and Janet Averill

Borowsky Family Foundation
Ruth and Bob Bramson
Robert E. Carr
William Conrad

The Cotswold Foundation
James Gately

Donald and Dorothy Kardon
Hon. John F. Lehman
Murray and Lonnie Levin

Sarah Jane Marshall
James M. Meyer
Ronald J. Naples
Edward W. O’Connor
Marshall W. Pagon

Pepper Hamilton, LLP
Eileen Rosenau
Samuel J. and Selma Savitz 
Adele K. Schaeffer 
Dr. Josephine Templeton


Devon Cross

Peter Dachowski
Susan and Woody Goldberg

Reuben Jeffrey

James T. Hitch

Hon. Dov Zakheim


Jacqueline Deal
Dechert LLP
Chris and Irma Fralic

Leonard Grossman

N. Peter Hamilton

David Marshall 

Bernard Munk
James M. Papada, III
John W. Piasecki
Jerry and Bernice Rubenstein

Louise Steffens


Ann Bacon

Constance Benoliel-Rock

Richard Berkman

Buntzie Ellis Churchill

John and Melanie Clarke

Eleanor Davis 

Rene Dierkes 

Norman Donoghue

Robert Gelsher
Glenmede Trust Co.

Robert & Nancy Hearne 
Robert and Cynthia Hillas

Hon. John Hillen

Robert B. Jones
Michael A. Karp
Leroy E. Kean
Jeffrey Kohler

Bernard Kosowski
 James P. Kurth
Camille Macdonald-Polski
Frank J. Mechura

John J. Medveckis
Judith and Marshall Meyer
Katharine & Louis Padulo

The Philadelphia Contributionship

Stephen S. Phillips
David P. Rosenberg 
Alex & Esther Schwartz
Ellen R. Silverstein
Edward Snitzer

David P. Steinmann
Hillard R. Torgerson
Nelson and Rochelle Wolf

Lee J. Woolley

This year FPRI has received a number of special gifts in support of specific research and educational projects. We are grateful to the following people and organizations for their support.

Carnegie Corporation of New York
Charles Koch Foundation

Democracy Fund

Joseph and Marie Field Foundation

Robert & Penny Fox
Stanley & Arlene Ginsburg Family Foundation
GPD Charitable Trust

Roger & Susan Hertog Foundation

Heinrich Boll Stiftung

Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Leo Model Foundation

Michael and Phebe Novakovic 
Petrucci Family Foundation 
The Philadelphia Foundation
Psalm 103 Foundation
Edward Satell

Sarah Scaife Foundation
Smith Richardson Foundation
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office

For in-kind support, we thank: Arader Gallery, Creative Print Group, Devon Cross, Graffen Business Solutions, John and Debora Haines, Haverford School for Boys, James T. Hitch, David Lucterhand, Museum of the American Revolution, National Liberty Museum, New York Historical Society Primitive World Productions.