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Chindia Africa and the West’s Responsibility

The third edition of India-Africa Summit was attended by no less than 54 nations across Africa. New Delhi has clearly demonstrated its determination to develop its cooperation with Africa.

This increased cooperation is not limited to raw materials, even though we know that India and China both have enormous requirements for raw materials. The cooperation covers all areas including major investments and substantial deals in return.

“Chindia Africa” is the term used by observers to define this strategic option. And it actually lives up to its codename. By 2030, the three components put together will boast a population in the neighborhood of 5 billion people. We know that the growth rates of the Asian giants exceed 5% annually even when losing momentum. In Africa, the average rate is 5%, a figure that needs to be taken cautiously because it conceals socio-economic disparities. Stable countries are achieving double-digit growth, while others torn by conflicts are seeing their development hampered.

India and China have adopted the same low profile when it comes to politics. Even in countries where they have significant economic commitments, both official diplomacies see to it not to interfere be it even in the most discreet way.

Where is the West?

This situation is historically new. In the morrow of independence, former colonizers considered the colonies of yesterday as their own preserve. An approach that led in various instances to armed intervention, if not behind-the-scenes manipulation to influence the course of political trends, economic or otherwise in a way that serves their best interest. However, the initiation of democratic transitions in Africa, and the commitment to a more rationalized and citizen-driven governance, led to a substantial weakening of the tutelage provided from afar by former colonizing countries to the clear benefit of India and China.

Nevertheless, it remains in the national interest of…

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