In keeping with its mission, Foreign Policy Research Institute sponsors and publishes a wide array of articles, papers, books, and other publications for policymakers, for educators, and for the public.

Orbis: FPRI’s Journal of World Affairs

Orbis, the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s quarterly journal of world affairs, was founded in 1957 as a forum for policymakers, scholars, and the informed public who were fed up with the bland, conventional “Establishment” journals. Today, Orbis continues to offer articulate, expert, but lively debate on the quest for post-Cold War strategies and wise American policy toward Russia, Europe, the Pacific Rim, and the developing world. Read more about Orbis »

Article Series


FPRI’s E-Notes are regular bulletins covering topics in the news, distributed by e-mail and fax. Browse E-Notes »


Footnotes is an FPRI bulletin intended for educators. It seeks to “teach the teachers” drawing both upon the work of FPRI research staff and scholars as well as lectures, papers, and talks presented at FPRI forums and special events. Browse Footnotes »

The Philadelphia Papers

The Philadelphia Papers is a series of long-form essays devoted to illuminating the foreign policy and national security issues of the day.  With expert analysis from FPRI’s global network of scholars, the Philadelphia Papers will seek to bring the best of scholarship to bear on issues of policy import. Browse The Philadelphia Papers »

The American Review of Books, Blogs, and Bull

The American Review of Books, Blogs, and Bull is a monthly e-publication of FPRI’s Center for the Study of America and the West.  Drawn from FPRI’s community of scholars, the American Review provides a forum for reviews and essays related to politics, culture, and international relations that discuss the world from new perspectives. Browse The American Review »

Baltic Bulletin

The Baltic Bulletin consists of analytical reports on the Baltic states and their role in European security. The Bulletins are designed to highlight research by both American experts and analysts from the Baltics and Central Europe. Browse Baltic Bulletins »

Middle East Media Monitor

Middle East Media Monitor is a series within FPRI’s notable E-Note publication, reviewing a current topic in the Middle East media from the perspective of the foreign language press coverage in countries such as Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Turkey, etc… These articles focus on providing FPRI’s readership with an inside view on how some of the most relevant countries in the Middle East are covering issues of importance to the American foreign policy community. Browse Middle East Media Monitors »


Selected archives are available for legacy publication series, such as The Telegram, a publication of the joint Temple-FPRI Hertog Program in Grand Strategy; FPRI Wire, a monthly highlighting FPRI research on a current topic; Peacefacts, monitoring the Arab-Israeli peace process; and Watch on the West, covering issues about Western identity and the Atlantic Alliance.

FPRI Infographics

Despite decades of achievements, FPRI acts like a start-up company born a day ago – developing new products and services, experimenting with new formats. FPRI Infographics are one such format. On this page, you will find a compilation of both static and interactive infographics produced on a wide array of topics coved by FPRI. Browse FPRI Infographics »

FPRI V-Notes

V-Notes are video essays fusing scholarly rigor, rare footage, and innovative analysis to kick-start new conversations about American foreign policy toward the Arab world and beyond. Browse V-Notes » 

FPRI E-Books

Periodically, FPRI publishes E-Books (web-based monographs and essay collections), drawing on the FPRI research and conference programs. See FPRI E-Books »

Published Articles

FPRI’s scholars are published in numerous outside journals, magazines, newspapers, and other publications. Selected articles are available on this website. Browse articles in outside publications »

Transcripts and Testimony

Transcripts of FPRI lectures, testimonies, conferences, and other proceedings. Browse Transcripts and Testimonies »

Books by FPRI Scholars

FPRI-affiliated scholars have authored scores of books offering in-depth studies of contemporary and historical issues in international affairs, culture, and security. See books by FPRI Scholars »