About the Program

FPRI’s Africa Program seeks to inform and educate policy makers, business leaders, and the American public on the diversity and complexity of the African continent. We achieve this through publications and programs by scholars and practitioners in the fields of diplomacy, government, geopolitics, national security and defense, international development, and private industry both in the United States and abroad, but particularly in Africa. 

Chaired by FPRI Trustee and former Ambassador to Zimbabwe Charles A. Ray, the FPRI Africa Program will explore the complexity and diversity of the African Continent through a series of publications and programs featuring American and international scholars and practitioners who will provide expert analysis on current African issues as they relate to U.S. foreign policy and other nations around the globe.

With more than 50 nations and hundreds of ethnic groups and languages spoken, Africa faces many challenges, including violent extremism and terrorism, climate change, pandemic diseases, and economic equity.  However, Africa also has significant advantages, including the youngest population of any continent, vast resources, and enormous economic potential.