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Aaron Schwartzbaum

Aaron Schwartzbaum is a Fellow  in the FPRI Eurasia Program, and is founder of the FPRI’s BMB Russia. He now works with the BMB team as an advisor and columnist. Aaron received an MA in International Relations from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), with concentrations in International Political Economy and International Economics. Prior to starting at SAIS, he worked at Eurasia Group as a researcher for the Eurasia and Global Macro practices. Aaron holds a BA in International Relations and Russian from Haverford College, and has completed the Overseas Language Flagship program in Saint Petersburg, Russia.


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Dark Sarcasm in the Classroom: Patriotic Education in Russia

Patriotic education in Russia: how does it work? Is this any different from in the West? And among Russia’s young people, are we seeing generational differences as far as political attitudes go? Allyson Edwards joins Aaron Schwartzbaum on the...

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The Struggle Israel

We take a jaunt south to explore the people and politics behind Israel’s Ukraine policy. What do Israel’s leaders want from this war, and how do more locational considerations fit in? What does the local population with roots in the...

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Don’t Mention the War

How do you make sense of Russia’s seemingly contradictory narrative about its invasion of Ukraine? And how is support, or at least assent, for the war generated? Jade McGlynn joins to discuss. Learn more about Jade’s new book Russia’s War ...

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Torn in the USA: How Important is the War in Ukraine for the United States?

How important is the war in Ukraine for the United States? What should Washington do about it? Stephen Wertheim drops by to share some options for your consideration. Learn more about Stephen’s book Tomorrow, the World  Explore more from...

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Ukraine, One Year In: The Helpers

What motivates people who, when Russia invaded, decided to run towards the fire and assist Ukrainians? British Expeditionary Aid and Rescue, an aid organization, joins to share its experience. Learn more about the British Expeditionary Aid and Rescue (BEAR)...

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Reflecting on a Year of War

On the anniversary of Russia’s invasion, Maria Romanenko shares her experience fleeing Ukraine and reflects on what the war means, both personally and broadly. Click here for information about Maria’s fundraiser. Explore more from the Bear Market Brief Podcast...

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Stop, Hey, What Stat’s Sound?

What do the statistics and other indicators coming out of Russia these days actually mean, and which ones should we actually be paying attention to? Explore more from the Bear Market Brief Podcast here Subscribe to the Bear Market...

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Mobilize This

 How is Russia’s economy doing as we start 2023? And how is mobilization going – if it is even possible? Explore more from the Bear Market Brief Podcast here Subscribe to the Bear Market Brief newsletter  ...

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War in Ukraine: A Firsthand Account

What has the war actually been like on the ground? How have communities, and the Ukrainian government reacted? Kirill, a Kyiv resident and open source conflict researcher, joins to share his experience. Support Vostok SOS Explore more from the...

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Public Opinion in Russia: What Do We Know, What Can We Know?

What do Russians actually think about the war in Ukraine? How are sanctions being felt locally? And what can we learn – or not – from polls conducted in Russia’s current political climate. Explore more from the Bear Market...

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