Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin: A dangerous duo

Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin: A dangerous duo

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“They have cameras everywhere,” Oleg said in his concerned and stern voice. He was always direct and incredibly paranoid, which was par for course for a Russian spy handler.

From 2005 to 2009, Capt. Oleg Kulikov of the Russian Mission to the UN believed he had recruited me, a soon-to-be Navy intelligence officer, as a spy.

For those nearly four years, he met with me in my sleepy suburban Westchester County office and in strip malls in New Jersey, trading cash for information.

What Oleg and Moscow didn’t know was that I wasn’t really a Russian spy; instead, I was a double agent being run by the ever-professional FBI. My time working against the Russians taught me many things, but most of all, that Russia’s attitude and expansionist desire has not changed since the Cold War.

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