Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts America and the Idea of the West

America and the Idea of the West

Date : Sat., June 01, 1996 to Sun., June 02, 1996 Category : Butcher History Institute

The cosmopolitan world of the future will pose increasing demands on students and teachers.  Understanding other societies is fast becoming essential.  Yet, as we learn more about different cultures, it becomes even more important to understand our own.

America was founded by individuals steeped in the traditions of Western European civilization. But what does that history mean today? How is American culture related to Western civilization?  Indeed, is there still something called the West?

The Foreign Policy Research Institute is proud to announce a History Institute on America and the idea of the West, part of a special project that examines America’s identity and relates it to the way history is taught in our schools.

A program specially designed for secondary-school teachers and curriculum supervisors, the History Institute will provide an intensive weekend of instruction about what the West has meant and means today, and about America’s role in it.   Seminars will be conducted by leading scholars and supplemented by workshops that will provide an opportunity to brainstorm about new teaching strategies.

Participants will thus have the chance to contribute to one of the most critical debates taking place in American society today.

FPRI hopes the History Institute will allow teachers to take away new ideas and methods for teaching history that they can apply for years to come.


Topics and Speakers

The Eight Traditions in American Diplomacy and How Americans Have Viewed Their Role in the World

Walter A. McDougall

Co-Director of History Academy, FPRI

Alloy-Ansin Professor of International Relations, University of Pennsylvania

America's Approach to the Pacific

America and the Third World

Panel Discussion: Beyond the Cold War

The Clash of Civilizations

Cold War History Revised: Notes from the Archives



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