Christina Davis

Christina L. Davis is Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University in the Department of Politics and the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and is currently the Associate Chair of the Politics Department. Her research interests include the politics and foreign policy of Japan, East Asia, and the study of international organizations with a focus on trade policy. She is the author of Food Fights Over Free Trade: How International Institutions Promote Agricultural Trade Liberalization (Princeton University Press 2003), and Why Adjudicate? Enforcing Trade Rules in the WTO (Princeton University Press 2012, winner of the international law best book award of the International Studies Association, Ohira Memorial Prize, and co-winner of Chadwick Alger Prize). Her research has been published in leading political science journals. Currently she is writing a book on the politics of exit and entry into international organizations, and has projects on foreign policy linkages with trade, the WTO dispute settlement system, and the evolving trade order. Harvard University Ph.D. 2001.