Tom Lee

Tom Lee, an Associate Scholar in FPRI’s Asia Program, is Director, Center for International Affairs and National Security, Tamkang University, Taipei. Dr. Lee received his Ph.D. from St. John’s University in 1972. Dr. Lee is former Director of the Tamkang University’s Graduate Institute of American Studies. He served many terms as President of Taipei’s American Studies Association and assisted in creating the Federation of Asian American Studies Association (AFASA), of which he been president since 1990. Dr. Lee’s main areas of specialization are international relations, history of Sino-American relations, and political systems of the PRC. Dr. Lee is the author of American Studies in China: A Directory (1993). Dr. Lee’s edited volumes include A Quest for Ethics in Diplomacy: The Influence of American Missionaries on International Politics in East Asia (1990).

Tom Lee
Dean College of International Studies

Tamking University

Taipei 100 Taiwan, ROC