FPRI Primers provide lay and student audiences with the background details of historical figures or events, civic institutions, and important political organizations. Because today’s youth consumes information in vastly different ways than earlier generations, FPRI Primers include three components:

  1. A five-minute animated video, in which FPRI’s Ron Granieri presents the main points through fun, informative talk joined by complementary graphics.
  2. A brief text, written by an FPRI expert in the particular topic, aimed at the lay or student audience.
  3. A lesson plan for teachers, which will help them to incorporate the information from the previous two items into their social studies curricula.

FPRI Primers will help FPRI play a significant role in the development of the next generation of American citizens by informing today’s youth about the most important topics in America’s civic history and culture in new and entertaining ways. In providing such an essential service to both the community and the classroom, FPRI will further expand its traditional role as a supporter of education as well as primary research.


NATO Primer

NATO: An FPRI Primer