Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts The Changing Borders of Israel and the Future of Palestinians

The Changing Borders of Israel and the Future of Palestinians

To trace the history of Israel and Ancient Palestine over time using a series of maps and biographical data in order to evaluate the two-state solution

The teacher will construct an historical scavenger hunt through the halls of the school with directions to each of 12 stations. Each station will focus on an historical event, biographical portrait, map, chart, or reading for the student to complete. They will use their IPads for internet research as they proceed.

Example: Station 11–Camp David Accords
Where (Where is Camp David?)
What was the agreement?
Why was it needed?
What is the Knesset?

– Students will complete the trail in partners, and the teacher will assign each partner group a different station at which to start.
– The students will have a packet of pages on which to sketch, color, design, and answer questions about each station.
– When the partners complete the trail, they return to class with their materials.

To ensure that students understand the sequence of events on a type of timeline, there are several follow-up activities.
1. Teacher lectures with visuals reinforcing with information reviewed about each station.
2. Students create a class timeline with butcher paper for display or using Google documents on electronic media, where each student adds an event or personality to the timeline.
3. Teacher or groups of students create an IMovie, Educreations lesson, Prezi, etc. to put the events in order.
4. The class debates the finer points of the struggle for Palestinian and Israeli land with the debate question: “Is a Two-State Solution Possible?” Debaters will use the data from the scavenger hunt and Asher Susser’s “Two State Solution: Getting From Here to There” to back up their positions.


– Station 1 Ancient Israel
Ancient Israel map

– Station 2 T.E. Lawrence

– Station 3 Mandates
Madates map

– Station 4 Website on card

– Station 5 QR code on card

– Station 6 Website on card

– Station 7 QR code on card

– Station 8 Website on card

– Station 9 Palestinian loss of land

– Station 10 Yasser Arafat

– Station 11 Website on card

– Station 12 Destroying the Two-State Solution

Students also received a two-page printout of the above article.

  • Pamela Hunt
  • Midway High School
Related History Institute
Grade Level
  • High School: 9
Time Frame
  • Two 45-50 minute classes

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