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U.S. Policy in the Middle East

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In this month’s installment of FPRI's Main Line Briefings, John Nagl will host FPRI’s Middle East Program Director and  Director of Research, Aaron Stein, for a discussion on U.S. Policy in the Middle East. As the Biden administration prepares to take charge, they will inherit a U.S. Strategy in the region that is starkly different from the one President Trump inherited from his predecessor. And yet, many of the problems remain the same. How has the recent announcement of troop withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan affected our ability to achieve a lasting peace? How have the Abraham Accords reshaped the centers of power throughout the region? Will the US rejoin the Iran Deal? These questions and yours will guide our conversation on one of the most complicated regions in the world.
FPR's Main Line Briefings are a series of discussions on global affairs and national security hosted by Dr. John Nagl, the celebrated Head of the Haverford School. Dr. Nagl is a Senior Fellow with FPRI’s National Security Program and a member of FPRI's Board of Advisors. A retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army, Nagl was part of the writing team that produced the U.S. Army/Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual. In this series, Dr. Nagl will draw on FPRI’s vast network of scholars and outside experts to highlight their voices and insight on world affairs, global engagement and foreign policy. This series is co-Chaired by James Gately, John Piasecki, and Eileen Rosenau.


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John A. Nagl

John A. Nagl - Dr. John Nagl, a member of FPRI’s Board of Advisors and is also a Senior Fellow in the Program on National Security, and a Visiting Professor of National Security Studies at the U.S. Army War College

Aaron Stein

Aaron Stein - Aaron Stein is the President of the Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI).