Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts The Islamic State, Iran, and the Geopolitics of the Middle East

The Islamic State, Iran, and the Geopolitics of the Middle East

  • March 17, 2015
Adam Garfinkle

Editor, The American Interest

To understand the Middle East, a region riven by conflict, you need an expert “geopolitician” to explain the chessboard — for example, in finding the balance to our interest in defeating the Islamic State with our interest in preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear weapons state or in exercising hegemony over the region. Few analysts are better able to explain the sources of conflict or their potential resolution  in their larger historical, cultural, and geographical contexts than Adam Garfinkle.

Adam GarfinkleIn this year of our 60th anniversary, we take special note of those, like Adam, who got their start in this field at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. Adam went on to serve on the staff of the US National Security Commission/21st Century, then as principal speechwriter to the Secretary of State (Colin Powell). He has also been editor of The National Interest magazine and is now editor of The American Interest magazine, both significant sources of analysis and understanding of American foreign policy choices today. He received his Ph.D. in international relations from the University of Pennsylvania and serves on FPRI’s Board of Advisors.

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