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Templeton Fellow Ed Turzanski Was Quoted by CNBC on Trump and North Korea


“From my perspective, the difference in terms of what happened here wasn’t what the president said, but it’s what Jim Mattis said: If you launch a missile our way, ‘game on,'” said Edward Turzanski, an international policy and national security expert at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, a think tank in Philadelphia.

“Jim Mattis is not someone given to intemperate speech,” Turzanski added. “He’s a very cautious man. He’s been in the military for decades. He has ordered the use of force. He knows what it looks like. So it’s not bluster, with all due respect to the president.”

According to Turzanski, the president would be better served to let his top military advisors do the talking on North Korea to avoid making misstatements that the White House may regret later.

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