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Clint Watts on Morning Joe – Trump’s Administration

Morning Joe

Former FBI agent Clint Watts offered a concise explanation for the Trump team’s inexperience and stubborn resistance to learning.

“If you are born into privilege and everything is handed to you, why learn if you can beat the system without learning?” Watts said. “From their perspective, (it’s), ‘Hey, I got the job. I didn’t have as to waste this time like you silly fools did, going and getting school certifications and experience.’ That’s now coming back to haunt them, because they have to do the work in this situation. They actually have to make these situations work out, so I think it’s just now hitting them. It’s a year later. I think they were surprised the first six months they got to job, the second six months how hard it is. The second six months they are figuring out where the exit door is.”


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