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Eurasia Program Co-Chair John R. Haines Quoted in Talk Media News on Trump Meeting Kim Jong Un

Talk Media News

“President Trump should meet with Kim Jong Un, as long as the U.S. and North Korea agree to the logistics of the event so that it does not serve as a massive propaganda success for Kim Jong Un that helps stabilize his increasingly insecure regime,” said Ryan Mauro, director of Clarion Intelligence Network, a nonprofit think tank. “Any comments afterwards must explicitly state that the human rights of North Koreans are not being cut out of U.S. policy objectives.”

But Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) Eurasia Program co-chair John Haines  disagreed.

“What has the NK regime done to merit a face-to-face meeting with the POTUS?,” he asked. “The answer to that is absolutely nothing, so I suppose the “message” is that it’s a low to non-existent bar to get a face-to-face with the POTUS.”

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