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Middle East Media Monitor

Middle East Media Monitor is a series within FPRI’s notable E-Note publication, reviewing a current topic in the Middle East media from the perspective of the foreign language press coverage in countries such as Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Turkey, etc. These articles focus on providing FPRI’s readership with an inside view on how some of the most relevant countries in the Middle East are covering issues of importance to the American foreign policy community.

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Middle East Media Monitor

Post-Mubarak Egyptian Attitudes Toward Israel

In Their Own Words: Al Qaeda’s View of the Arab Spring

Hezbollah on Trial: Lebanese Reactions to the UN Special Tribunal’s Indictments

The Arab Summit That Wasn’t and the Deterioration of Iraqi Politics

An Enemy from Within: the Iranian Regime and the New Political Challenge

The Rise and (Future) Fall of a Turkish-Iranian Axis

Qaradawi’s Return and Islamic Leadership in Egypt

WikiLeaks in the Arab Press